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Pump alternative and the fan motor involved


Relaxing in a long chair, Tibor considered the problem of lifting water in general, and a completely different solution assembled in his mind, that is a bucket chain made from simple materials. This is the initial draft that contains already specific solution ideas for the pouring of the water etc.

Tibor's notebook - volume 2 - Transistor timer circuit


This is Tibor's second notebook on which he started working back at home. The work shown originated in the time between christmas and exam preparations. It is about reconstructing the electronic timer circuit for the rope pump's magnets, using only transistors instead of integrated circuits. This is not only for cost and availability reasons (in the new design, *any* type of small NPN transistor from scrap etc. should work), but also because those three-legged transistors allow more accessible ways of assembling the circuit, going without circuit boards and maybe even without soldering.

Tibor's Notebook - volume 1


Scans of the complete notebook (laboratory journal etc.) that Tibor created during his 3-week stay in Maastricht (25 Aug - 14 Sep 2015). This album now contains all the pages of the notebook (pages 46-47 have been used for an unrelated LBB project), some related loose sheets are waiting to be converted and uploaded. To be done by an administrator: Squeeze the thumbnail section (make it scrolling) or move this article down in the "Media gallery" page.

Create Food Security in a Changing Climate


Action to address inequality in food systems

Today, October 13th, this message came in Demotech's postbox. It is in support of Demotech's project for Vertical Gardening, called Green for Equity. The urgency is again greater then known before. Reason to press ahead with this project. Recent result is

Categories: Climate, Food, Future

Green Window


One day small plants, small compared to the construction of trays, suspending wires and water tanks for the drip. Now all that technology is hardly visible anymore. Just green, wild also, not much care give to guide plants or trim them.

Social Entrepreneurship in Demotech


Hello people!

Creating flowerbags for Green walls


The first days in Demotech and a little reflection


On the way


Dear all,

My first day


Dear peeps,

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